comb. form forming nouns denoting:
1 a device looked at or through (kaleidoscope; telescope).
2 an instrument for observing or showing (gyroscope; oscilloscope).
-scopic comb. form forming adjectives.
Etymology: from or after mod.L -scopium f. Gk skopeo look at

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\\ˌskōp\ noun combining form (-s)
Etymology: New Latin -scopium, from Greek -skopion, from skopein
: a means (as an instrument) for viewing with the eye or observing in any way


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a combining form meaning "instrument for viewing," used in the formation of compound words: telescope. Cf. -scopy.
[ < NL -scopium < Gk -skopion, -skopeion, equiv. to skop(eîn) to look at (akin to sképtesthai to look, view carefully; cf. SKEPTIC) + -ion, -eion n. suffix]

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-scope /-skōp/
combining form
An instrument for viewing, examining, or detecting, as in telescope, oscilloscope, stethoscope
ORIGIN: Gr skopeein to view

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scope 1 «skohp», noun.
1. a) the distance the mind can reach; extent of view: »

Very hard words are not within the scope of a child's understanding.

SYNONYM(S): compass. See syn. under range. (Cf.range) b) the area over which any activity operates or is effective; range of application: »

This subject is not within the scope of our investigation. Beyond the scope of all speculation (Edmund Burke).

SYNONYM(S): compass. See syn. under range. (Cf.range)
2. room to range; space; opportunity: »

Football gives scope for courage and quick thinking. I gave full scope to my imagination (Laurence Sterne).

3. the range or length of flight of an arrow or other missile.
4. a) extent; length; sweep: »

The yacht's gig was towing easily at the end of a long scope of line (Joseph Conrad).

b) the length of cable at which a ship rides when at anchor.
5. Archaic. an aim; purpose; ultimate object.
[< Italian scopo, learned borrowing from Late Latin scopus < Greek skopós aim, object < skopeîn behold, consider]
scope2 «skohp», noun. Informal.
1. an instrument for viewing, such as a microscope, telescope, or radarscope.
2. a telescopic sight for a rifle: »

All were equipped with 20-power scopes (New York Times).

[back formation < telescope, radarscope]
combining form. an instrument for viewing, examining, or observing: »

Telescope = an instrument for viewing distant objects. Stethoscope = an instrument for examining the chest.

[< New Latin -scopium < Greek -skopion < skopeîn look at, examine]

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comb. form denoting an instrument for observing, viewing, or examining

microscope | telescope

from modern Latin -scopium, from Greek skopein ‘look at’

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an ending representing mod.L. -scopium (f. Gr. σκοπεῖν to look at, examine) in microscope and telescope. Hence used, by addition to Greek stems, to form many words denoting scientific instruments or contrivances for enabling the eye to view or examine or make observations: as autoscope, baroscope, chronoscope, dynamoscope, gyroscope, helioscope, laryngoscope, ophthalmoscope, periodoscope, etc. (Cf. F. -scope, It. -scopio, etc.) Also added to L. stems, as in fluoroscope, oscilloscope, and to Eng. words, as in radarscope, sniperscope.

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